SRS Committee Members2

Caption: SRS Committee Members. Who cares about the positions, who sits and stands when each and everyone works as a team built upon the foundation of trust, humility and integrity. One Sarawak, one Malaysia, truly Asia.

Honorary Founder
The late Prof. Dr. Ernest Cyril de Run, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
Role: Founding member

Dr. Hiram Ting, SEGi University/Methodist Pilley Institute
Role: Founding member, Strategic planning and overseeing of execution, networking

Mr. Yusman Yacob, Universiti Teknologi MARA
Role: Executing of plans and activities, training, networking and overseeing of account

Madam Zailah bt Bujang, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
Role: Assisting on activities and training, membership and correspondence

Mr. Bernard anak Stephen Jussem, UCSI University Sarawak Campus
Role: Treasury, handling account, networking and publicity

Committee Members
Dr. Fency Var Sivadasan, SEGi College Sarawak
Role: Publication, event management and facilitating collaboration

Mr. Lau Wee Ming, Wawasan Open University
Role: Training development, facilitating collaboration and network

Mr. Joshua Caseley Ak Akun, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
Role: Event management, publicity and assisting on activities

Mr. Mohd Hanafiah Semuni, I-systems College Kuching
Role: Training development, facilitating collaboration and network

Miss Murni bt Sahdan, District Office Asajaya
Role: Website maintenance, event registration and assisting on activities

Mr. Samuel Ting Chuo Yew 
Mr. Ch’ng Eng Hong