Submission Guidelines

A manuscript should be between 4,000 and 7,000 words in length, including figures, tables, and references, although manuscript exceeding 7000 words would also be considered.

For Abstract submission: A title of not more than ten words should be provided. The title is set at 18 point Times New Roman font, left-aligned, bold. Page one should show the manuscript title, full name of all authors, affiliation (including state and country), and email address. This is set at 12-point, italic, Times New Roman font. All should be left-aligned. Authors should not be identified anywhere else in the manuscript.

Please set two lines after the final author details are placed and write in the title Abstract in 14-point, centered, bold, Times New Roman font, with Spacing After set at Auto. Write in the abstract using 12 point Times New Roman and Justified Alignment. Then set one line after to write not more than six keywords (italicized). The abstract should be between 100-200 words in length.

For Full Manuscript submission: Page two should contain the manuscript title, abstract and the contents onwards. Page one of the full manuscript should follow the guidelines for abstract submission.

The Page Setup should be with Margins Top and Bottom set at 1” while Left and Right at 1.25”. Gutter at 0 and Gutter position at Left. Orientation is Portrait with paper Size set at A4. Please use Justified Alignment, with both Left and Right Indentation set at 0 while Spacing for Before and After is also set at 0. Line spacing is set at Single. 12-point Times New Roman font is used for the text.

Main headings are in 14-point, centered, bold, Times New Roman font with Spacing After set at Auto. Secondary headings are in 12-point, left-aligned, bold, Times New Roman font with Spacing After set at Auto. Table headings are 11-point, left-aligned, Times New Roman font.

Please use Borders and Shading for Tables where the main lines are set at 1pt and secondary at 3/4pt.

The Reference heading is written as a main heading but references by themselves are written in 11-point, Times New Roman font with a single line between references. Please ensure that you use APA referencing style.

The manuscript template can be found here.