Instructor: Dr. James Richard
Editorial member, Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing (JRIM) and Electronic Markets; Guest Editor, Special Issue with JRIM on Digitalization in Retailing – Moving beyond e-commerce
Title: Hidden Value of Digital Marketing: Marketing Analytics

James Richards

The workshop starts with a review of the background and history of marketing analytics. Why should today’s marketers care about another form of data analysis? Is there anything really new here?

The workshop will demonstrate how to integrate marketing analytics into the business and the marketing function. We will consider design and implementation issues around marketing analytics; the relationship to Big Data, direct marketing, content marketing, and digital marketing in general. We will develop guidelines to help examine and identify the data requirements, and how to go about data collection. You will review and consider the different types of analysis available to marketers, and the value of each type of analysis. What are the challenges inherent with large quantities of data and what needs to be done to prepare the data for analysis? We will examine the role of the marketer when confronted with market analysis data, how to gaining insight from the data, and how to prepare a course of action from the data.

Session 1: Fundamentals
Session 2: Drivers behind market analytics
Session 3: Methods of analysis
Session 4: Methods of analysis (cont’d) and Gaining Insights

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Christopher Griffith
Title: The Ins and Out’s of Academic Publishing

Publishing your research is one of the most important drivers of both subject and academic development. As with many businesses academic publishing has, and still is changing. This workshop will explore the process of publishing research papers from the perspectives of authors, reviewers and editors.

Authors need to publish their work and the stages in, and the process of, writing and submitting a research paper are explored. Reasons for successor failure leading to a paper’s acceptance (In) or rejection (Out) are examined. After submission a paper is reviewed and reviewing a paper is not just beneficial to the publisher and editor but also to the reviewer themselves. The process of reviewing research and the potential benefits are analysed. Editors are faced with an increasing volume of papers submitted for publication. However, authors rarely consider the editor’s perspective yet how they interact with an editor can affect the paper’s chance of success.

Developments in publishing and reviewing in an increasingly digital age are reviewed.

Some case studies/interactive exercises are provided but attendees are encouraged to bring their own papers in the preliminary stages of preparation to the workshop.

To be announced soon.